“John Cena is The reason Why A Lot of Us Have A Job Today” – NXT Champion Opens Up on A Dream Match

Published 05/08/2021, 8:00 AM EDT

Current-NXT Champion Karrion Kross is not shying away from naming his dream matches. “The Herald of Doomsday” recently spoke to BT Sport and expressed his desire to face John Cena in the near future.


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Kross proclaimed it would be an absolute honor to face the legendary face of WWE and also revealed why Cena got his attention. He hinted the bout could be a “generation vs generation match” as well.


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I think John Cena would probably be the match that I would most likely be interested in for the immediate future,said Kross. Many of his contemporaries called out icons like The Rock and Brock Lesnar. Many fans want Kross and Scarlett vs The Fiend and Alexa Bliss in a supernatural rivalry.

Yet, Kross feels his dream match with Cena would have multiple layers into it.

“Working with John Cena on a really big stage, hopefully with people, would be awesome. I think it’s two different generations meeting. I attribute a lot of my modern-day inspiration to his generation.”

Although Karrion Kross is yet to meet John Cena in person, he never fell short of praising the icon. The 16-time World Champion is termed as one of the hardest working people in WWE.

Kross even said, “He’s the reason why a lot of us have a job today. Personally, it would just be an honor to work with him.”

Karrion Kross believes John Cena and his match would have a great chemistry

Kross is a two-time NXT Champion and had worked in multiple promotions like Impact and Lucha Libre. However, he is yet to achieve the same stature as John Cena.

While talking, Kross clarified that he is not trying to elevate himself by “riding his coattails.”

“Maybe one day, when the time is right, and people feel I have some higher equity in what they’re watching, if the company sees value in it, it would be awesome…I think the chemistry we would have in the ring would shock people,” Kross concluded.


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Kross previously expressed his desire to ‘retire’ John Cena and build up many stipulations. Cena also responded when he posted a picture of the NXT Champion on his Instagram.

The NXT Champion feels Cena and him are like-minded people and that will show up in their matches as well. Let us know if you want a Kross vs Cena rivalry in the comments below.


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